Warm, welcoming and joyful are just a few of the words that clients use when entering our studio.

 Designed by Angela Robinson the aesthetics of our space aligns with our intention of providing an inviting and creative Pilates experience. Custom Balanced Body Reformers make for an undeniably seamless and exciting workout, and with just 5 participants per class this intimate atmosphere exudes a “Pilates meets personal training” vibe. 

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Boutique studio space designed to honour an individualized movement experience

Educative classes that leave you glistening with both sweat & knowledge!

Simple, straight-shooter exercises that have leave you with more "AH HA" moments than "HUH?" moments

FUNctional exercises aimed to bolster total-body strength & integration 

All floofy exercises with no research to boot

Overwhelming & complicated movements that have you doin' the salmon

Rigid "my way or the highway" type instruction

An overly serious / perfection pushing environment 


At Rise & Align Pilates Co. we specialize in athletic-based Reformer Pilates, blending the best of contemporary Pilates and applying movement science principles through our kinesiology lense.

Originally created by mind-body revolutionary JOE H. PILATES, Pilates is a total-body exercise system that uses a mat or specialized equipment (i.e. Reformers) to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, alignment, posture, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, balance and mobility. Yup, you read that right...It's the full meal deal.

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Step out of your blah workout box, and see how Pilates can add a little spice to your movement regime and enhance your everyday function.

General Fitness Populations

Low-impact and highly-tuned attention to movement quality, make Pilates a safe and appropriate choice for many injuries & conditions.

Rehabilitative Populations

Mobility, flexibility, full body integration, crazy core and muscle balancing moves... Pilates is your next best secret ingredient to up levelling your game.

Athletic Populations






We're talking all systems go here. Pilates educates your body how to seamlessly move as one - kind of like a body movement orchestra!

Make Pilates a safe & appropriate activity for a variety of populations. Really, your grandma's grandma could do Pilates.

Let's call Pilates the superhero of mind-body exercise. Mental focus, breath, controlled body movement, and quality over quantity. Always.



In the pursuit of symmetry, a smartly-planned session melds bilateral & unilateral exercises with movement in all planes of motion. 

Sure thing. Pilates will meet you where you're at...but it will kick your ass in a sneaky, deep muscle work, kind of way. Promise!

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Ready to experience it for yourself?

what is a reformer? 


i'm a beginner - where to start?

Do I need to be flexible?

how often should I do pilates?

what is an open level class?

A Reformer is a versatile and fun piece of Pilates equipment! With its unique moving carriage & pulley system, it can resist or give support to exercises. This means with a little intelligent programming both muscular strength, mobility, and flexibility can be addressed in a session. All 360° of the Reformer is utilized during a class and by incorporating a variety of exercises in different positions (supine, prone, side-lying, kneeling, and standing), means your core, balance, and muscular system are activated in a whack of unique ways!

Athletic Reformer Pilates fuses fitness-based strength and conditioning exercises with the foundational principles and repetoire of Pilates.  While this is a higher-intensity modality than traditional Pilates, the foundations, modifications & progressions of exercises are always offered to ensure you are working at an individualized and appropriate intensity.

It depends! The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists recommends 150 minutes weekly of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity and 2x weekly of muscular strengthening for adults age 18 - 64 years of age. For most already active individuals, 1 - 2x weekly of Pilates is a good fit. That said, you are an individual with unique goals and needs. Talk to us if you need help tailoring an appropriate & effective exercise plan.

An open level class means all fitness abilities are welcome. It's OUR job as instructors to offer the foundations, modifications, progressions, & challenges of an exercise....NOT your job to fit into a specific box! That said, if you have chronic / acute injuries, medical conditions, or are brand new to exercising, our Reboot class or a one-on-one session is recommended. Physician consultation and approval is always recommended when beginning an exercise-program.

Nah. Nope. Natta. 

Our Reboot class is our beginner-friendly class in a lower-intensity format. You must be cleared by your physician for participation in an exercise program. If you are actively rehabbing an injury, or are looking for a rehabilitation Pilates-geared program, please book a one-on-one session.


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